Ambassadors For Him

Prophetic Sessions

The Prophetic Sessions Ministry is birthed out of a heart to provide opportunities for connection and encounter for people who are desiring a word for themselves from God. One way that can happen is through other Christians. 

Each Prophetic Session will provide a safe, confidential place for you to receive a personal word of encouragement, uplifting, comfort, strengthening, love, and blessing from God.

The prophetic sessions will be 15-20 minutes with a team of 3-5 people who will lovingly share what they feel they are hearing from God for you. These sessions take place at Living Waters Church one Sunday each month.

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Henry and Leslie Griner

Ambassadors 4 Him

Healing Ministry

Our Healing Ministry Teams go with joy and a deep desire to bring life, wholeness, and love to people who are suffering from physical ailments. They bring hope, love, and the joyful Presence of God as they release God’s healing power to you. They minister in homes or other locations to individuals and couples.

Prophetic Sessions Ministry and Healing Ministry are led by Henry and Leslie Griner who have been in ministry to the Body of Christ and Elk River for over 30 years. They are in leadership at Living Waters Church and are graduates of Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry, Redding, CA. Henry and Leslie have a desire to see people encounter (experience) the goodness of God in all His Glory for themselves-spirit, soul and body.

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More information on both ministries or to sign up for Prophetic or Healing ministry go to

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