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Our Purpose

At Living Waters Church we are convinced the body of Christ is in the early stages of a growing revival that will lead to a wide spread social awakening as believers discover their identity and authority in Christ. Therefore, it is our purpose to provide Biblical, practical and experiential training that will equip and encourage believers to change the world around them as they walk in a supernatural Kingdom of God lifestyle.

Our 2020 Winter Equipping Classes

January 9th – 30th – 7 PM

Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis

There are 12 videos in the series, we will watch 3 each night, about 70 minutes total with discussion time to follow.

Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis presents evidence that confirms the biblical account of creation and offers defensible answers to some of the most provocative and controversial questions of faith and science. How did life begin? Where did humans come from? Was Noah’s Flood real? How old is the earth?

Through interviews with the leading creation scientists, insights from cutting-edge research, and on-location investigations, Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis presents evidence that supports a biblical viewpoint and dispels pervasive and inaccurate theories from the secular world.

Jan.  9 – Chaos or Cosmos? – What is Life? – What is Man?
Jan. 16 – Buried Clues – Flood or Fiction? – How Old is Earth?
Jan. 23 – Dinosaurs – The Ice Age – Rise of Civilization
Jan. 30 – Origin of The Universe – Uniqueness of Earth – Science and Scripture

Cost for the class is $15/ person or $25/couple or family, payable at the first class. Includes a copy of the booklet, “The Climate Change Conflict, Keeping Cool over Global Warming” for each paid admission.


Questions: Call Henry Griner – 612-234-1685